It's not the same as it used to be.

Software solutions are changing the way we manage document input & output.

Secure Print

Secure Printing allows all users to send their sensitive documents to network printers and have the job printed only when they are physically standing in front of the printer. This could be a printer on a different floor, building, city or even in a different country.

Mobile Print

Print to printers or multi-functions to easily print photographs, images, document files, PDF files, web pages, etc. from an iPhone or iPad using AirPrint. Other solutions allow home workers to print documents in the office remotely.

Document Workflows

Enable users to automate the processing of data and content more efficiently, faster, and more accurately, eliminating time consuming and costly manual business processes. Content is created, modified, stored, moved and managed electronically in order to enhance the business process and improve employee’s productivity.

Cloud Applications

Integrate into thousands of cloud based software applications (both industry specific & generic) ensuring that the end user’s process is as resilient as possible.

Solutions Benefits

  • Enhanced revenue opportunities
  • Manufacturer independent (best of breed)
  • Solutions always offer a Win:Win:Win
  • Professional Services scoping and Project Management
  • Click Partner take all responsibility

Development Process

  • Brief and Research

    Professional services scope all requirements clearly and concisely.

  • Design and Development

    Collaboration between Click Partner, our IT partner, and the end user to design the most efficient solution to the client.

  • Implementation

    Solutions are always implemented to an agreed project plan.

Competitive Advantages

The balance of IT organisations that have the scope to incorporate print solutions into their portfolio have either mismanaged the process or struggle to identify the requirements effectively.

Utilising Click Partner to undertake this work can give your IT organisation a competitive advantage today.

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